Save Our Schools T-shirt

Save Our Schools T-shirt

Help support our campaign against the Governments plan for further cuts to education with our Save Our Shcools t-shirt designed by Katharine Hamnett.

Save Our Schools T-shirt

Support the NUT's Save our Schools campaign with this 100% organic cotton t-shirt designed by Katharine Hamnett.
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Certified 100% Organic Cotton t-shirt (155g/m2) / Made in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory / Low Carbon / GM Free / Hand finished in the UK / Wash Cool, Hang Dry

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Ethical Low Carbon Organic

Government spending cuts mean:

  • class sizes up
  • less individual attention for children
  • fewer subject choices for your child
  • teachers and support staff being cut or not replaced

Biggest education cuts in a generation Schools are already under severe financial strain. This is going to worsen, with the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies confirming that the biggest real terms cuts to per pupil funding in a generation, are on the way.

Government is increasing schools costs George Osborne says he is protecting education. This isn’t true. In reality he is FREEZING the cash per pupil he gives TO schools whilst INCREASING what he takes FROM them. He has increased national insurance and pension contributions by about 5% of the teacher pay bill. For every 20 teachers the school employs it has to give George Osborne back an extra teacher’s salary. There are similar costs on the support staff budget. These increased costs, directly from the Government, are leading to big cuts affecting your children.

Schools cutting back on childrens’ education
Schools have had to cut staff to balance their books. In a recent NUT school leaders’ survey, 70% of heads said that lack of funding was affecting education standards in their schools: class sizes up and less individual attention for children, resulting in fewer subject choices for your child.

Wrong priorities – £1.3bn on lawyers’ fees. Any responsible government would do everything it could to protect funding for the quality education our children deserve. But this Government is instead ploughing ahead with their costly plans to make every school an academy. Labour estimates this will cost £1.3 billion – mainly spent on lawyers’ fees, and none of it spent on your children’s education.

Thousands of teachers have taken the difficult decision to take strike action. Teachers don’t want to strike but they feel they have no alternative in trying to persuade the Government of the need for investment in education, rather than hurtful cuts.

Help support our campaign to Save Our Schools with this 100% organic cotton t-shirt, exclusively designed by Katharine Hamnett.

Proceeds to be shared by NUT to Steve Sinnott Foundation, the NUT benevolent fund and the Education Support Partnership.

“The UK has few natural resources; our only valuable resource is our educated population. Education is the source of all wealth. Save our Schools. Education not Trident. We must be investing in our next generation, not squandering billions on an outdated and obsolete hackable defence system that puts us all at risk. Write to your MP and tell them you won’t vote for them next time unless they support the NUT on this.”

Katharine Hamnett

“We need investment in our schools not harmful cuts. Inadequate levels of school funding is resulting in increased class sizes, fewer school trips and a reduction in resources and subjects offered to children. Head teachers are also having to cut back on teaching staff or not fill vacancies. All this simply to balance the books. This is not right or fair. Our children deserve schools that can afford to give a vibrant well-resourced education to all children”

Kevin Courtney, Acting General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers

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Christine Blower (former General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers)

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Kevin Courtney (acting General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers)